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Bread: Is it as bad as you think?

Bread: Is it as bad as you think?

When trying to lose weight, people often decide to cut out bread completely- “I’m on a diet, I’m cutting out bread…it worked for ________”. While it may have worked for someone else what makes you think it will work for you I do wonder? Weight is based off so many...

Why Athletes Should Eat Their Fruit and Veg

Why Athletes Should Eat Their Fruit and Veg

1. They Aid Digestion Fruits and vegetables are usually high in fibre, and having sufficient fibre intake is important for digestive function. To digest food is to break it down, so that we can get the nutrients out of it, to be used in the body. For Example, We can’t...

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“At The Start of January 2019 I Started The Dreaded Diet, Working 12 Hour Shift Work is not easy and a few weeks in I was Struggling and motivation levels were low. I contacted NB Nutrition and Exercise and we Met That Week, I weighed in and got a full body analysis. We Discussed what Foods I liked and Didn’t like and we Came up with a Meal Plan to balance out calorie Intake to suit when working and not Working.. along With a steady Workout Plan. After Month 1 Small Steps were made in the Right Direction and Niall was Very helpful helping me make a lifestyle change over the First Month.. We set Daily Step Targets which also boosted my motivation. Month 2 Seen a Massive Improvement Losing body Fat ,Weight, BMI and Metabolic Age Drop Rapidly. Also Niall Set out my Calorie Intake for a Night out, What I would eat the day before, on and the day after so I could still go out and have my few Pints and Enjoy myself at any occasion 🍻
Delighted With my Progress and looking Forward to next months Progress Hopefully!!Would Highly recommend Niall To anyone struggling with weight management or Exercise Motivation Thanks again Niall”

Gerard Clancy (Shift Worker)

Lost 4.2kg in 8 Weeks
“My goals at the beginning of the 8 week programme were to lose weight, feel better about myself and to be more active with my kids. All of my goals were reached, even beyond my expectations.
I found this programme very beneficial especially the diet guidance and I really enjoyed trying out the recipes sent on by Niall, even shopping became more of a pleasure.
My only struggles during the programme were keeping myself organized and the enduring to drink enough water. I found Niall very supportive and found his guidelines helped me greatly.”

Tracey Melly

Lost 9.1kg in 8 weeks

“I first reached out to work with Niall after mohill won the County Final this year. What should have been a huge celebrations was a horrible experience for me having tipped the scale at my heaviest in years. I thought I had trained hard set goals and couldn’t understand what was going wrong and it was effecting my life and mental welfare. From the start we discussed what I wanted to achieve and Niall set me realistic targets to hit and set about educating me on nutrition work load and setting realistic goals. Every week I had a custom meal plan which was tailored to the work I was doing. I thought it would be chicken and rice and that would be it. The food was unreal easy to prep and enjoyable at no stage it was it a burden. Often I struggled to eat all the food. During the 8 weeks with Niall I’ve dropped over 20lb, maintained all the power I had before. Hitting a PBs in my 5k, Bench, Squat, Dead Lift and Shoulder Press and I completed my fastest 10k in 5 years. And most important felt the best I have in years and gained a genuine knowledge of nutrition, realistic goal setting and enjoying the process. I genuinely feel better mentally and physically. I feel its only the start and I can’t wait to work with Niall again and change the targets. I can’t say enough if you do anything this Christmas invest in yourself and get this man to help you. He is a gentleman who went over and above in helping me and is still checking in after our time is done. Top man and Top Professional”

Niall Flynn (Mohill GAA)

Lost 9.1kg in 8 Weeks
Niall Brady Nutrition & Exercise Testimonial Keith GAA

“I started working with Niall during the first lockdown as it was an opportunity to work on different aspects of my game. Diet is something I have always struggled with. Living and working in Dublin while playing Inter-county football leaves little room for my dietary needs. I would always end up taking the easy option with a deli at lunch or a simple oven meal due to time constraints.

From the get go Niall helped to alter my mindset towards how important a correct diet was for competing at a high level. He also taught me simple, cost effective and tasty meal option which were far more beneficial to me for my gym or pitch session in the evening.

I was shocked at the benefit I felt in my game. I felt sharper and more awake on a daily basis. Niall constantly was on hand to help, I would send him a light snack to a whole dinner and he would come up with new healthier options with the same taste. This was along with supplying me with samples of a weekly diet plan with all my foods planned out and portioned correctly.

From my work with Niall I saw a great improvement on and off the field and gained a greater understanding on the importance of nutrition.

I highly recommend Niall for anyone who is looking to change there diet whether it being training at a high level or simply surviving the working day.”

Keith Beirne

Leitrim GAA
Niall Brady Nutrition & Exercise Testimonial Mark

“I’ve just completed an 8 week online Sports Nutrition for GAA & Fat Loss program with NB Nutrition & Exercise and am delighted with the results. As of today I’m down 4kg from 88kg to 84kg with more to go to reach my target of 81kg. I started the program during GAA pre-season and we’re now in the middle of our league season. A few points below to highlight where I felt I got real value from working with Niall.

CLIENT UNDERSTANDING: Niall took the time to understand my diet, my habits good and bad, and then built a plan for tailored to me that was achievable and helped me in the pursuit of my goals. It catered to my crazy work and sporting schedule which was key in order for me to successfully implement it.
FLEXIBILITY: During the 8 weeks, my sporting schedule changed a lot to the point where I needed to be consuming a lot more carbs at the weekend as I had games / training every few hours and later on, and then later on I ended up getting injured. Niall created 3 x separate plans for me as my circumstances changed which really helped me increase my progress throughout the course of the plan, as my situation evolved.

SUPPORT: Always available to check in on the phone and answer any questions I had, I found Niall’s help great when it came to changing some of the products in my weekly food shop to ensure I was making better choices. Having that weekly accountability to him on my progress really drove me on also.
NEW IDEAS: At random times throughout the program, Niall shared a number of recipes and ideas that he’d pulled together for different clients that I used. He didn’t have to, but it was great to get them.

Invaluable guidance on how to manage my nutrition around my training and body goals going forward. Would recommend NB Nutrition & Exercise to anyone looking to take control of the weight and sports performance.”

Mark Ryan (Glencar/Manor GAA)

Lost 4kg in 8 Weeks
Niall Brady Nutrition & Exercise Testimonial Aaron

“My goals at the start of the programme were to lose weight, cut my body fat down and change my diet. I felt that I reached my goals, MASSIVELY. I found the programme very beneficial especially the importance of improving my hydration and understanding portion sizes. My favourite part of the programme was changing my diet and lifestyle. The only parts of the programme I found difficult was adjusting to eating smaller portion sizes as I like a big plate. I would definitely advise others to go to Niall for help with their Nutrition. Despite being friends, I found Niall really professional. I really appreciate the work you did for me Niall.”

Aaron Hickey

Lost 10.5kg in 8 Weeks
Niall Brady Nutrition & Exercise Testimonial Carmel

“My main reasons for seeking a consultation with NB Nutrition & Exercise were I needed advice and guidance in preparation for an upcoming knee surgery due to an injury sustained from a fall to my left knee and hands. I also wanted direction on healthy eating for working night shifts.

My initial assessment gave me a baseline to work from and Niall’s expertise in nutrition guided me, with a complete food plan and examples of meals, choices, portion sizes and fluid intake etc. Niall also introduced me to Spin classes which I absolutely loved and I found them very helpful and beneficial to my knee issue also.

My greatest challenge has been Covid-19, remaining motivated and using the meal plans and I am also really missing the spinning classes. Niall’s approach, expertise and encouragement really helped me achieve my goals and I look forward to getting back, as soon as Covid-19 restrictions are lifted.

I wasn’t looking for a quick fix, but a lifestyle that would enhance my overall health and well-being into the future. I am also absolutely thrilled with my reduction in metabolic age by 8 years during my team working with Niall.”

Carmel Loughlin

Overcoming Injury/Night Shift Worker
Niall Brady Nutrition & Exercise Testimonial Cristopher

“Niall has been a huge help throughout the programme, always there if you’ve any questions about anything. He’s constantly willing to work with you and change things to suit you, for myself as an example I wouldn’t be keen on eggs or fish yet this was no problem, he found ways to get more protein in my diet without these foods. The biggest thing for me was being a student and thinking I could only afford the quick cheap meals but Niall sent on some tasty recipes that are all affordable and enjoyable. The information and consistent feedback is a great boost too when you’ve had a tough week and feel you haven’t hit your goals.

Couldn’t recommend Niall any more if your looking for someone to help you reach your fitness goals or just lose some extra pounds. I’m feeling great for it. Thanks a million Niall 👍”.

Christopher Jenkins

Student/GAA Player