Caffeine and Fat Loss

December 15, 2021

Caffeine and Fat Loss

Caffeine can be considered as a supplement that enhances fat loss in addition to your diet.

It has been found to boost the metabolism of fats and it also gives you an energy boost to enhance mental and physical performance.

As said above, caffeine does slightly increase your metabolic rate, meaning that you burn slightly more calories in a given time, after consumption of caffeine. This increase in metabolic rate is the reason that caffeine-rich fat-burners are said to ‘work’, and to a certain extent they do work for this reason.

Another aspect of caffeine that is related to body composition is its effect on appetite. It isn’t quite clear what causes the appetite suppressing feeling a lot of people claim to get, as from a scientific standpoint it is not said to affect your hunger hormones ghrelin and leptin.


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